2013 International Conference on Advanced Parallel Processing Technology

August 27-28 in Stockholm, Sweden

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APPT is a biennial conference on parallel and distributed processing. Its scope covers all aspects of parallel and distributed computing technologies, including architectures, software systems and tools, algorithms, and applications.

With the worldwide information revolution, almost every business area starts to face big data issues. Research on big data is being raised as nation intentions. Industries, research organizations and even governments around the world have already participated in planning and executing large projects on mass data. We have stepped into the era of big data. Decisions in businesses and economics will rely on analysis of mass data instead of on experiences. Mass data will bring us new business models. The analysis of virtual societies on the Internet will have great impact on and even lead the shaping of our future society. In scientific research area, the paradigm of science development has transformed from computing simulation to data-based exploration. The analysis of mass data in research area will be an important approach to innovation.

APPT focuses on parallel computing, a central element in any big data processing solution. The computing models, methodologies, computer architectures, computer software, programming models, and analysis frameworks are deeply challenged by big data applications. APPT 2013 is a dedicated forum to explore, learn, exchange scientific results and research directions in parallel processing. Big data processing will be a highlight of this conference.

APPT is calling for original submissions, covering but not limited to the following topics:

Specific technologies on big data processing

Big data applications and corresponding features;

Programming models and tools for big data applications;

Parallel algorithms for big data processing;

Analysis techniques and tools for big graph processing and data centers;

Systems and tools for big data processing;

Micro-architecture, storage, and energy management for big data processing.

Parallel architectures and systems

Architectures for instruction-level, chip-level, thread-level and data parallelism;

Special-purpose architectures and accelerators;

Optimization on memory hierarchy;

Network and interconnect architectures;

Interconnect architectures for multicore;

Parallel I/O and storage systems;

Power-efficient architectures;

Architecture and compiler support for big data computing;

Software bridging computing segments, from mobile systems to data centers;

Embedded computing systems;

Parallel and distributed embedded and control systems.

Parallel software

Parallel programming languages, models and compilers;

New parallel programming paradigms;

Domain-specific languages for parallel systems;

Multicore runtime systems;

Operating systems and virtualization for multicore and clusters;

Resource management for parallel systems;

High availability, reliability and fault tolerance;

Scalability issues in parallel software and systems;

Performance modeling, analysis and tuning tools;

Programming environments and tools;

Parallel embedded software.

Parallel algorithms and applications

Massively parallel applications;

Fault-tolerance of algorithms;

Optimizations of communication and synchronization protocols;

Network algorithms, Scheduling and load balancing;

Scientific applications;

Applications using multicore and/or GPUs.

Distributed and cloud computing

Reliability, availability and security in distributed and cloud systems;

Distributed and cloud storage systems;

Distributed and cloud infrastructure technologies;

Distributed caching, and query processing;

Workload characterization of cloud systems;

Managing, debugging, and diagnosing of cloud systems;

Peer-to-peer computing;

Grid computing;

Pervasive and mobile computing architectures;

Security in networks and distributed systems.

Important dates:

1. Abstract Submission: May 9, 2013

2. Paper Submission: May 15, 2013

3. Notification to Authors: June 14, 2013

4. Camera-ready submission: July 15, 2013 (Ahead to July 1, 2013)

5. Early bird registration: August 17, 2013

6. APPT 2013 conference: August 27-28, 2013


All accepted conference papers will be published in a volume of "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" (LNCS) by Springer Verlag.